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This section of the site provides secure access for Local Authority users to confidential pupil data via search facilities and downloads.

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If you have a token and have received an email from us stating that your registration for EAS and Key to Success was successful, click the button below.

When you click this button, it starts the login process by sending a request to the DSI authentication server.

You must always start your login from this page.

For further information, see
Employee Authentication Services.

How to register for EAS and Key to Success

Each LA has an EAS Key to Success sponsor. If you are not a registered user, you need to ask your LA EAS Key to Success sponsor to ask us to register you onto EAS and enrol you in the Key to Success service.

LA sponsors should start this process by sending an email to RASponsors

If you need any additional information about the registration process, please send an email to RASponsors

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The Employee Authentication Services (EAS) project

What is EAS?

The Employee Authentication Services (EAS) is a scalable, sustainable, secure solution that will enable employees in local government, schools and other organisations to access and share sensitive information in order to improve services for the benefit of children, learners and citizens.

It is intended that the service will be available to users in s services from November 2008, and potentially to 2 million users by 2013. EAS will be implemented through a phased approach. This will ensure that the functionality meets the requirements for different types of users and that the rollout of EAS is a success.

What does it look like?

The diagram below shows the high level architecture for the scheme, which is based on a shared Trust framework.

The key components include:

  • Local Authorities - Registration function to register new users on the system and Enrolment function to enrol users on services;
  • Identity Provider - the part of the system which will verify your identity when you try to log on to a service;
  • Authentication Broker - the hub of the system which coordinates requests for identification between Identity Providers and Services; and
  • Service Providers - these are the central government resources which the users will access through the scheme.

Diagram showing the key components of EAS

The service will provide common identity authentication that will:

  • avoid the need for employees to go through multiple authentication processes and use multiple tokens (e.g. smart cards) every time they need to access sensitive information from different sources;
  • support greater collaboration and joint working;
  • provide alignment of processes and systems for sharing and accessing sensitive data in a secure way;
  • improve efficiency through re-use within central and local government.

Who will deliver EAS?

EAS will be delivered by Government Gateway. The Registration and Operational Support Services passed through a value for money exercise, led by Government Gateway, to understand in detail the requirements for each individual service element and determine the most cost effective way to provide for each.

Further information

For further information on EAS please download this EAS Powerpoint Presentation.

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